President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to inaugurate the 43 ministerial nominees recently cleared by the Senate after an Induction Retreat slated for August 15-16 in Abuja. The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Mr. Boss Gida Mustapha, in a statement on Friday said that following confirmation by the Senate, all Ministers designate are to note that relevant documents for their study and guidance, preparatory to the inauguration of the Cabinet shall be available for collection at the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) (Cabinet Affairs Office) from 10.00am on Tuesday August 6, 2019.

Source: Daily trust.ng

God time is the best


this is story of unemployed young man walking down the road one day ..
The young man name bakare is a graduate who has been looking for employment for 3 years after his graduate but to no avail .he tried all his possible best but his effort proofno fruitful.
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Blow my mind by Davido ft Chris brown lyrics

Verse 1: Davido]
Never waste your time, never let you go
Talk down, back-to-back, you’re the best I know
Oh yeah, you done blow my mind
Blow my mind, blow my mind
For your love, I go change my life
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Yeba, Come show your dance make i spend Ego
Dutty whine, dutty whine for me nice and slow
So many nights I done went for my time
To get you all alone for one night
You do me somethin’ new like I go back for your touch[Pre-Chorus: Davido]
I want to do you however you want
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Show me what you’re into[Chorus: Davido, Chris Brown & Both]
Girl, you just dey blow my, blow my mind
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Yeah, yeah (‘Fore you go, I go)
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Ah, ah (We go rendezvous)
Ah, ah (Make me rendezvous)
Ah, ah (We go rendezvous)
Ah, ah (Make me rendezvous)[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
When I drink from your water, give me a cup
I ain’t just wanna sip
I’m tryna steal your love, I’m guilty of it
I don’t give a shit
About who tellin’ all our business when I’m killin’ it, when I’m fillin’ it?
Kissin’ and it turn into an animal (Wowuh)
Yeah yeah, girl, I fuck with a attitude
Angry and you’re dangerous
It don’t matter, no no
‘Cause your body controllin’ me
It don’t matter, no
And I know you see the same vision
Nobody gon’ change how we livin’
Nobody gon’ change how I feel about you[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]
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South Sudan president bans singing of national anthem in his absence

South Sudans President Salva Kiir has banned anyone from singing the national anthem unless he is present, according to a government minister.

Information Minister Michael Makuei told AFP news on Monday that different leaders and institutions were playing the anthem at whim, which was an abuse of the national tune, written shortly before independence in 2011.

“For the information of everybody the national anthem is only meant for the president, in a function only attended by the president, not for everybody,” Makuei said.

We are seeing now even a minister, undersecretary, even governor or state minister, whenever there is a function, the national anthem is sung.”

He said Kiirs order was passed during a cabinet meeting on Friday.

Makuei said that with the exception of South Sudans embassies, which represented the president, and schools where children are taught the anthem, no one was allowed to sing the song in Kiirs absence.

The minister said that military leaders had also been banned from addressing the public when in uniform.

He did not give details on what the punishment would be if the orders were not followed.

“These are orders and of course when you disobey the orders of the president then you carry your cross,” Makuei said.

The blind date

This is a story of two lover dating online with unknown Identity.


1(soji) the male lover.

2 (Sophie) the female lover

3 (Tony ) a bodyguard

4(Ritee) a friend to Sophie.

Character one : Soji who has been dating sophie online for a long time with unknown Identity but he is rich which he never disclose to her ..(Sophie ).

The both are deeply committed and promise to Meet one day.

Character two;

A very beautiful lady (Sophie) and educated with a good standard of living..she has also oblige to meet her love Soji one day.

Character three:
Tony is a bodyguard and driver to Soji.

The Date

The day has come as the two lovers promised: Soji is to disguise as someone else for him to find the real love of his life but unknown to (Sophie).

The lover arrived at the meeting spot, Soji sighted Sophie first but unfortunately she was disappointed by her own eyes when she saw Soji as imbecile and accompanied by his body guard (Tony) who seems like a friend to him. And to Sophie thought.

Soji extend the love but something sad happened Sophie rejected the the proposal because she was wondering i will accept an imbecile man as a lover. Sophie follow her heart along with her friend’s negative reaction to the scenario and they both walk away angrily.

But something strange happened.. before Sophie could take a pace and as she decided to turns back once again Soji was already on his normal being (The rich and handsome guy which he is, with his bodyguard walk towards the car known to be EOD and drove off with his body guard.Sophie in a state of regret and disappointed because of impatient.

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President buhari minister list


1. Dr. Ikechukwu Ogah (Abia)

2. Mohammed Musa Bello(Adamawa)

3. Godswill Akpabio (Akwa Ibom)

4. Chris Ngige (Anambra)

5. Sharon Ikeazor (Anambra)

6. Adamu Adamu (Bauchi)

7. Ambassador Maryam Katagun (Bauchi)

8. Timipre Sylva (Bayelsa)

9.George Akume (Benue)

10.Mustapha Baba Shehuri (Borno)

11. Goddy Jedy Agba (Cross River)

12.Festus Keyamo (Delta)

13. Ogbonnaya Onu (Ebonyi)

14. Osagie Ehanire (Edo)

15.Clement. Ike (Edo)

16. Richard Adeniyi Adebayo (Ekiti)

17. Geoffrey Onyeama (Enugu)

18.Ali Isa Pantami (Gombe)

19. Emeka Nwajiuba (Imo)

20. Suleiman Adamu (Jigawa)

21. Zainab Ahamed (Kaduna)

22.Muhammad Mahmood (Kaduna)

23.Sabo Nanono (Kano)

24.Major General Bashir Salihi Magashi (Kano)

25.Hadi Sirika (Katsina)

26.Abubakar Malami (Kebbi)

27.Ramatu Tijjani (Kogi)

28. *Lai Mohammed (Kwara)*

29. *Gbemisola Saraki (#Kwara)*

30.Babatunde Fashola (Lagos)

31. Adeleke Mamora (Lagos)

32. Mohammed H. Abdullahi (Nasarawa)

33. Zubair Dada (Niger)

34. Olamilekan Adegbite (Ogun)

35. Tayo Alasoadura (Ondo)

36. Rauf Aregbesola (Osun)

37. Sunday Dare (Oyo)

38.Paulen Talen (Plateau)

39. Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers)

40. Maigarai Dingyadi (Sokoto)

41. Sale Mamman (Taraba)

42. Abubakar D. Aliyu (Yobe)

43. Sadiya Umar Faruk (Zamfara)

Benediction lyrics by August alsina

[Hook: August Alsina]
We were down from the beginning
When the world wasn’t listening
[Verse 1: August Alsina]
‘Cause life out here ain’t sweet, oh no
I would close my eyes to sleep, but didn’t dream no more
So I had to make a way for my home, you know
So many nights I tried
To hide how I felt, I would cry inside
[Pre-Hook: August Alsina]
[Hook: August Alsina]
We were down from the beginning
When the world wasn’t listening
[Verse 2: August Alsina]
I pray you free me from my demons and keep me level
Tryna get to the good life and out of this hood life
So mama could sleep nights, I know it’s been hard on her
I was ripping through the streets, it was hard for her
Now I’m up in hotels on the ocean shore
[Pre-Hook: August Alsina]
[Hook: August Alsina]
We were down from the beginning
When the world wasn’t listening
[Verse 3: Rick Ross]
Rightin’ all my wrongs for these homies out here thuggin’
Pray for benediction, pretty women on my premise
Condo out in Cabo, screamin’ “GABOS” to my nemesis
Gold around my neck, I’m ballin’ for these final minutes
Nothin’ lasts forever, for these sins I seek repentance
Shots fired, another gone, I feel that man’s pain
Daddy sat me down and said, “That came with the game”
Shake my head, roll up the window, turnin’ up the music
So much anger in these songs for these soldiers that we losin’
A mastermind is one who’s feedin’ others off his talent
I owe it to my city but it’s time I pay my balance
I’m in , I started with a pallet
Thankful for my supporters, everyone that ever bought us
Grateful for every lesson these Miami streets taught us
[Hook: August Alsina]
We were down from the beginning
When the world wasn’t listening
Featuring Rick Ross
Produced By Eric Hudson
Written By Sam Hook, Ralph Jeanty, Sean McMillion & 3 more
Vocal Producer The Exclusives
Recording Engineer Sean McMillion
Mixing Engineer Jaycen Joshua
Assistant Mixing Engineer Ryan Kaul
Label Def Jam Recordings
Mixed At Larrabee Sound Studios
Additional Vocals Sam Hook
Release Date April 15, 2014
Recorded At 11th Street Studios, Atlanta, GA
I Luv This Shit
August Alsina
1. Testify
2. Make It Home
3. Right There
4. You Deserve
5. No Love
6. Porn Star
7. FML
8. Grind & Pray/Get Ya Money
9. Ghetto (Remix)
10. Kissin’ on My Tattoos
11. Ah Yeah
12. Mama
13. Benediction
14. I Luv This Shit
15. Numb (Remix)
16. I Luv This Shit (Remix)
17. Grind & Pray (Extended)
18. Back Seat
19. Get Ya Money (Album Version)
20. No Love (Remix)

The Courts Must Declare Atiku As Nigerian President (1), By Femi Aribisala ..

If Buhari and the APC are allowed to get away with this kind of daylight robbery, then every future election in Nigeria will be decided by daylight robberies. What Atiku did, therefore, was to provide some forlorn hope for democracy to survive in Nigeria by resorting to the courts.

survive in Nigeria by resorting to the courts.

In January 2019, President Obasanjo burst again on the political scene in Nigeria with a 16-page broadside which he entitled: “Points for Concern and Action.” In this, he alleged that the upcoming 2019 presidential election was already shaping out to be nothing more than a self-succession project for President Buhari: “They have started recruiting collation officers who are already awarding results based on their project to actualise the perpetuation agenda in which the people will not matter and the votes will not count.”

He noted further that the president’s henchmen: “…are working round the clock in cahoots with security and election officials to perfect their plan by computing results right from the ward to local government, state and national levels to allot him what will look like a landslide victory, irrespective of the true situation.”

Only God knows where and how Obasanjo got this information. However, it has since been confirmed by what actually transpired during the 2019 elections. Altogether, the elections were one big sham. No Nigerian needs to be told that they were characterised by massive voter fraud, voter-suppression, ballot-snatching and crude falsification of results. By design, victors were vanquished and losers declared winners.

The most glaring of this falsehood was the declaration of President Buhari, not only as the winner of that election but, as Obasanjo warned, as the winner by an even bigger majority than he had when he was so much more popular in 2015. Between 2015 and 2019, President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC) had become major embarrassments and disappointments. Obasanjo himself was one of their chief supporters in 2015. But Buhari’s dismal performance in office led him and many others to the conclusion that Nigeria would be far better off without him.

Under the circumstances, I, for one, predicted time and again, that the only way President Buhari could win in 2019 was by massively rigging the vote. Let’s face it, the wheel of politics cannot be re-invented in Nigeria. A bad government can only expect to get a comeuppance at the polls. Bad governments don’t get re-elected in free and fair elections. That magic only takes place when the votes are rigged.

Source- premiumtimeng

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How to get rid of appendix


Snail water


Snail water

Crushed tomatoes, lemon
with blender. Break the pointed end of the shell of the snail there is a liquid that will flow, you collect this liquid and you make a good mix with the blender tomato + lemon +this juice collected from the snail.
And you drink this mixture, and you will never feel this problem until the end of your life.
And you will be free and more comfortable and you will
finally feel good.

Kwara college of education call off strike.

Kwara College of Education calls off strike*

Kwara State College of Education (Technical), Lafiagi has today called off their strike and announced resumption of normal academic activities.

It’s expected that on or before Thursday all state owned Colleges of Education would have called off the ongoing strike which they commenced under the previous administration in their respective colleges.

The strike was called off due to Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq prompt release of N250m for payment of salaries and re-accreditation of courses in the Colleges which is not just in line with his commitment to restore standards in the education sector but also his convenant with Kwarans to secure the future from today.


Rapist are worst than thief so they should be killed.. music star lament..9ice

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