10 reasons why most youth are still stuck in poverty..1 is..

1 ..most youth consider every morning as the best for calling girlfriend, chatting on social medias wasting their best time that’s useful for the best for nothing

While not realizing that every morning should serve as a curriculum of your live achievement ..time to think of what’s best for you and that which is not best ..

2. Most youth blame their past for their misfortune ..not realizing that most people seen as successful ones today if u trace back from their predecessors it not about their inheritance but for their hardworking ..you have to let your past serve as your motivation not a blame ..if your father is poor that doesn’t make you poor too ..you can also make a difference so consider this.

3. Most youth today depend on government policy ..there is saying when a policy favor some individual it becomes law but when it didn’t it becomes an issue ..no, bad government does not make you financially handicap when you realize your potential and do something positive with this potentiality…to be continued…

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