Roma fan jail for attacking Liverpool fans

Italian football fan jail for three and half years on Thursday after admitting for assaulting a Liverpool supporters before the premiere league game living the victim with a catastrophe of head injuries.

Simeone mastrelli pleaded unlawful guilty age 30 from for Rome italy .. having meciliously inflicted a severe body harm on sean cox outside the anfied stadium on April 24 before their match with Italian side Roma.

Irish national cox suffered a severe brain injury as a result of the attack and still recovering after 4 and half in neurological unit.

Mastrelli knocked cox with a heavy blow on the face as he led a group of “utras” whom some of them having belt as their weapon.

Cox daughter Shauna 20 read out statement in court of Preston crown as mastrelli watch in Northwest England.

Before this brutal viscious attack my dad was a fit man, a man of integrity with a huge passion for life that who represents everything which is good.. she said.

This violent and unprovoked attacked left dad in a dire situation

His future is uncertain we don’t know how he Will progress that really frightened us.

Mastrelli was arrested in Italy by European arrest warrant before being extradited to Britain.

Judge brown said to mastrelli that I had no doubt in my mind that you went in group to the stadium to sort out Liverpool supporters in doing so you have destroy the life a innocent man and his family.

This was on any view .. a dreadful offence. And it has a profound impact on Mr cox and his family.

Another Roma fan, fillippo was last year jail for three years for violent disorder.

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