The other side of love

I have decided to share this story .. because it is the biggest sacrifice I have made in my life few years ago I fell In love with a beautiful girl.

She might not be so beautiful to you but for the love I have for her I see everything is beautiful about her .. that’s one of the magic of love you don’t see the ugly side of the person you love.

Virtually, I don’t really care if she love me but what does matter to me is that I love her. To cut the story short we were happy and planning how beautiful our future is gonna be.

One day a sudden change occurred ..she started ignoring me ..she doesn’t pick my calls anymore even when pick it as if we haven’t met before..that feelings of disappointment, heart break, anger all began to grow in many thoughts on my mind.. asking myself so many questions but no answers.

One morning my phone rang, she said to me my boy friend is back, I was silent for some minutes I lost my focus it was like hell is raining down on me..I definitely understand what she meant by that statement..hmmmm.then she hang on.

However,, I thought and I thought so I came to know that sometimes you just have to let go.. because if you don’t it will create a big hole in your heart.

Another thing I understood is that love come naturally .if you love someone and they don’t love you .. don’t force it, because it will only lead to tragic end. I understand that I am special and best for the one who love the right time I will find my love.

This is life .like a clock it move around with different segment and purpose (good or bad) what ever way it’s with you have patients it’s a only temporary. What is yours will definitely be yours.

God bless 🙌🙌🙌Jamiu🗣️💖👩😀😎

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