Sweet jokes to spice up your day😄😄😄😄

One cute guy will just walk up to you to tell you his friend likes you(pointing at one dragon smiling at you)😂😂

Am I The Only One Who Never Bumped Into Someone Carrying Books, Then We Pick Them Up Together And Fall Inlove?? 😑😏

Get Scared Wen Girls Approaches Me 1st, I Feel They Just Want To Sleep With Me And Run Away.

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If ur babe ask you for tfare, remind her what Peter told the man at the beautiful gate: “Silver nor gold I have not, but what I have I give u, stand up n walk.😄

MARY was a virgin and she married a carpenter (JOSEPH).
You are not a virgin and you are waiting
for a billionaire to marry you?
I will not say anything

If the Government should band woman from using makeup, a lot of kids won’t recognize their mothers, if you like Angue with
our.. Forefather’s

You’re telling me to keep a secret, that I shouldn’t tell anyone. If it’s that easy why did you come and tell me?

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