War ! As zodwa meet with Ntsiki Mazwai at love studio moja

Zodwa Wabantu was not impressed when she heard that Ntsiki Mazwai had used her semi-nude pictures as a “debate starter” Zodwa couldn’t pretend when she meet her at the Moja love studio.

The entertainer clarified recent tabloid reports that they got into a heated confrontation, saying it was blown out of proportion, but admitted that she wasn’t too pleased with Ntsiki.

“I had never had any interaction with Ntsiki before the one you are talking about. I know she’s popular on Twitter, but I don’t have Twitter, so I know from what my friends told me what she says about me. I was at the Moja Love studios for a shoot and she approached me in the make-up room to tell me how she loves me and stuff, but I was firm and I told her where to get off, because I know what she says behind my back,” Zodwa told TshisaLIVE.
The entertainer said she wasn’t one to pretend.

The entertainer said she wasn’t one to pretend or beat around the bush.Zodwa explained that her friends told her about Ntsiki’s post from a few weeks ago and that Ntsiki had a lot to say about her

“I don’t care about her or what she says. I just can’t pretend, so when she came to me I was firm, I told her the truth about how I feel. People always use me for whatever reason behind my back for relevance or fame or whatever, and then want to come to me like we are friends. I don’t appreciate being used like that. I was just protecting myself. Don’t say one thing about me in my absence and another in my presence.

“I wish Zodwa love and happiness. As for me, I am focusing on my new journey at Moja Love TV and would like to concentrate on positive energy,” Ntsiki said.

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