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Joseph was born into the family of middle class in the city of umuahia part of Nigeria.

Joseph found music as an inspiration to him.. he love music

At the age of ten 10, he became stubborn that is father could hardly handle him but the love his father had for him won’t let him push him away.

Joseph became adult and he thinks of finding his career.

One good morning he sat his father and mother down and said to them “father, mother I am leaving” his father said please I love you please don’t leave us you are all we have, you can manage my poultry farm I will leave it for you ..he insisted dad mom am leaving with your consent or not.

Joseph left, years after years without looking back…then one day his father was diagnosed with cancer due to loneliness and thought of his beloved son. His mother try to get to him but to no avail.

Joseph became a man then he needs to find love .. the think of going back home.

He left back to umuahia to his family. When he got home it was a different things everything was not the same..then he sighted his old lonely mom from far ..he asked mother where is my father.tears rolling down from his mother cheeck at that moment he knew something is wrong..son your father waited for you just to say am sorry ..but you didn’t show up..

Now Joseph realized how foolish he was ..with tears in his eyes crawling in his father’s grave “am sorry he said but his father could not hear him anymore. His full of regret..he wish he could turn back the hand of time..how good it would have been if he has said sorry to his father.

We fail realized that our parents are irreplaceble we should cherish them and listen to them. The endπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ. Thanks for reading.. please show your reaction with how good or bad is this post.

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