Why I love Dr. Shaaba and respect him as a senior colleagues mamann kontangora.



I was in the office in the early afternoon when a brother of mine called and said he want to tell me something ,but has to do with a sad new; of my former lecturer Dr Shaba. I was shocked, seriously shocked. Before he ended the call . I saw an incoming call from my good friend Prof Faruk the provost of the FCE Kontagora and i knew he too wants to confirmed the sad news. He said the late was attending COESU meeting and even made a contributions and sat down not up to two minutes they said and he slumped and died instantly.

About Dr Shaba this was what i said about him in brief in ( 2017) his last 2years birthday


My dear Malam Shaba as we do call you during our days as students in Federal College of Education, Kontagora in the late 80’s . My first lecture as an ‘A’ level student was your course Educ 102 Philosophy of Educ on the 10th June 1987. Coincidentally it was my birthday and very much lesser than 20yrs of age. And your self could be in your very early 30’s i guessed . In that your lecturer you were exceptionally wonderful and convinced me and some of my friends that were seated together that this young lecturer indeed is fantastic, in fact we said if this sch will be great in future, it will be in the hands of people like this guy. That day’s lecture, we only NOT heard you but also LIKE you INSTANTLY !. Till the end of my and our 3 years programme you had been one of the best lecturers we ever had ; many of our school mates attest to this.

For those of us that were following the activities of the institution from far , we know that FCE Kontagora today attained it’s greatness as a result of the Sacrifices, selfless service, dedication, courageous, hardwork , boldness and Struggles showcased by the likes of YOU which many couldn’t bear during such times, but you are among the few that stayed and today you made us and the entire community proud.

Any where i come across my school mates within and outside the country , and discussing FCE Kontagora, it use to be MAL SHABA

Today is your birthday. I must sincerely wish you the very best and many many more !

I am responsible for your bitter feelings if you find this repugning. I wrote this without your permission.

My usual highest Regards
Adamu Kontagora:

When we received Award with Dr Shaba
Dr Shaba became more closer to me day by day. When FCE Kontagora Alumni Association decided to give National Awards in the year 2017 to 5 distinguished Alumnus my self and Dr Shaba were among the only 5. He called me to confirmed if i will be in attendance i honesty say no because i was already in Abuja to collect award from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Alumni which coincided same day . I again mentioned to him i will have love to attend because it will be interesting to me ,because i will be in the midst of my teachers that we will be awarded together.

Himself taught me in FCE and Malama Kulu Karatu ( The proprietor of one of the best private schools; Perfect Sch ) taught me in Maidubu Pry sch in class 3. I said both will be honoured and proud , they are my teachers at various levels ; as a pupil and student , a scenario Dr Shaba said to me ” very interesting ” . In fact the person i asked to represent me at the award night confirmed there was such highlight..

hen i lost my wife on the 12th of May 2018
My wife died on Saturday and i couldn’t met the burial . I arrived late Dr Shaba called me while i was at the airports : taking off from Port Harcourt and shortly after i landed in Abuja.

The next day, i told Dr Shaba i was already home seated with sympathisers and receiving condolences. Dr Shaba said ” i am on my way “. He came and met us with a very high number of people and noticed the highest level of emotional feelings in me over the lost that i could not control my self, after he greeted people and asked people around, permission to see me privately , a request that all granted. We entered a private room and i bursted in to tears ( uncontrollable ). He told me something that i never make it public until now:

The late told me that he too experienced the same , when he was doing his M.Ed in University of Ilorin . He said ” I never met your wife before” , but he heard how generous she was and everyone was talking about how nice , kind and wonderful she was .

He told me from the general opinion of people he interacted with, it is difficult for me to get a replacement they said to that standard and the people concern as he heard is that she left very young children whose their future could be a matter of concern . It was at this point he brought a handkerchief whipping my tears .

He emotionally told me when he had my same experience he devoted in to prayers and why we excluded is to give me same prayers to do and Insha Allah it will work . He said he wants to believe, i never have any choice of replacement now , i honesty don’t have and not thinking of any; infact nothing close to it ( this was a day after the lost ) .

He said his wife left a son a sicklier and continued to pray ( the prayer ) God to give him a replacement that will love the kid more that the way the late mum does ” . He told me that God answer his prayers With the current happening in his home. I thank him a lot for such .

December 22nd was my wedding. Dr Shaba was one of the early callers to wish me well, him self and the Deputy Provost of FCE Kontagora represented the institution.

On the 16th of January he called me he wanted to come and visit the family if i will be home. I said yes i will and also be delighted to host him for lunch . He came around , we had a lunch prepared by wife whom i introduced both .The way way he saw the house , he bent down and whispered to my ears and said ” I am sure Mal Adamu you carried that prayers ” and joyfully i said yes and laughed over it . We discussed a lot about life.


Late Dr Shaba is one of the most popular, consistent, reliable, experience lecturer FCE KONTAGORA ever had. He is a man of integrity , simplicity dedicating and honour.

Dr Shaba is one if you don’t want to agree with him , you must not listen to him and if you listen to him you will certainly agree with him, because he will convince you .

He is Frank, always very frank on several issues and his frankness most times do gotten him into uncomfortable situations, but his guiding principles is truth is constant and must be told .

Dr Shaba , your lost is colossal one whose extent is difficult to put in to word. We will continue to pray for you and shall never relent till ours get to us. May Jannatil fiddaus be your final home. Amin.

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