A very touching story of a wife material

touching Story

“My husband used to drop money for me everyday for feeding. From the money he gave me daily, I was saving 300 naira out of it.
When I checked my savings after 6 months, I found out that I have been able to save up to 42,000 naira,I was so happy.
One day, when my husband came back from work, I asked him if he could give me 5000 naira which he did. The next day, I went to the market, bought a grinding machine and some plastics. When my husband came back home, he saw the machine and was so happy, that was when he told me that he had been planning to buy same machine by the time he got his monthly contribution.
When I finally told him how I raised the money, he was surprised and said it meant he has been giving me money to save for him.
My husband takes care of the children’s school fees and house rent while I take care of the things needed at home, the burden is not much on him again.”

Please ladies, let’s learn from her.

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