Stop waging war on your -Ex


You *don’t* need to become an enemy to your ex.

Break up of a relationship only means you’re *not compatible for marriage*, you could be compatible for *other things*: studies, business, career, counsels and any good thing in life.

An ex-lover is not an enemy but a friend. That’s why it is good to _*end relationships in good and friendly way*_ if you’re not meant for each other.

*Stop hating* someone you’ve once dated. And stop trying to make your guy or girl to start hating or to disassociate from their former lovers. *It is nonsense*.

However, _*if sex had been involved*_ in those former relationships, _*cautions and great cautions must be applied*_ by ensuring you two don’t stay together alone at any time no matter the situation.

But talking and interacting is not a sin, just that there must be *boundaries*.

There should also not be *too much* prolonged talks, or visits that make you two to be alone. It should never happen.

That’s why we keep telling you all, *don’t have sex in a relationship*,until you’re married. Relationship isn’t for sex, it is for _*learning, checking, growing and planning*_.

The one you think is meant to be your lover might have been brought into your life as a helper. So, _*girls, stop falling in love with people you love*_.

I mean stop developing romantic love for people you like or people that help you. It is stupid.

That’s how many people have turned away their helpers in life and are now suffering today.

An ex in not an enemy. But if sex had been involved, apply great cautions and _*hide nothing*_ from your current guy or girl about your activity with the ex if there are important things that connect you two.

Stop being *unnecessarily* jealous over your guy’s or girl’s relationship with someone else. It doesn’t worth it. It is stupidity, immaturity and insecurity.

But if you see and truly see red lights, *talk it out*.

If there’s no desired change and you know there are dangers ahead, _*seek counsels*_ or _*walk away*_.

But make sure it is not your unnecessary jealousy that’s causing the problem. _*Be secured*_ in your mind and in your life.

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