Wife of Dr Muhammed morsi wrote:

The wife of Dr muhammed Morsi wrote we have washed his honourable bodey in the prison’s hospital and we have offered his family members (2 Son and a lawyer) we’re allowed to pray on him and he has been buried in the graveyard of the leaders of Muslims brotherhood for the security agency (govt) rejected being buried in his family graveyard ..innali Allah wainnah ilahi rajiun..😢

So no royal buried for a whole president of a Nation? Million of people were prevented from praying on him to maximize the reward of the janazah the same way imam Hasan Al-banaa was treated unjustly.

Who did this to Africa? The ummah is sick.

Pls all masjid should observe a congregational salaatul Ghaaib (funeral prayer in absentia for the martyr may Allah continue to shower his blessings upon him and preserve all callers of truth on goodness , heal this ummah Ya Allah🤲🤲Amin.

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