The blind date

This is a story of two lover dating online with unknown Identity.


1(soji) the male lover.

2 (Sophie) the female lover

3 (Tony ) a bodyguard

4(Ritee) a friend to Sophie.

Character one : Soji who has been dating sophie online for a long time with unknown Identity but he is rich which he never disclose to her ..(Sophie ).

The both are deeply committed and promise to Meet one day.

Character two;

A very beautiful lady (Sophie) and educated with a good standard of living..she has also oblige to meet her love Soji one day.

Character three:
Tony is a bodyguard and driver to Soji.

The Date

The day has come as the two lovers promised: Soji is to disguise as someone else for him to find the real love of his life but unknown to (Sophie).

The lover arrived at the meeting spot, Soji sighted Sophie first but unfortunately she was disappointed by her own eyes when she saw Soji as imbecile and accompanied by his body guard (Tony) who seems like a friend to him. And to Sophie thought.

Soji extend the love but something sad happened Sophie rejected the the proposal because she was wondering i will accept an imbecile man as a lover. Sophie follow her heart along with her friend’s negative reaction to the scenario and they both walk away angrily.

But something strange happened.. before Sophie could take a pace and as she decided to turns back once again Soji was already on his normal being (The rich and handsome guy which he is, with his bodyguard walk towards the car known to be EOD and drove off with his body guard.Sophie in a state of regret and disappointed because of impatient.

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