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Whether it’s north or south, the love for football in Africa knows no bounds! Congratulations Egypt on being named the new host for the Total Africa Cup of Nations 2019. #TotalAFCON2019 (

2019 inec election guideline …no person shall be allowed to……

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No person shall be allowed to vote at any Polling Unit/Voting Point Settlement/Voting Point other than the one at which his/her name appears in the Register of Voters and he/she presents his/her permanent voter’s card to be verified by the Smart Card Reader (SCR), or as otherwise determined by the Commission.”

It added that each voter shall cast his/her vote in person at the Polling Unit/Voting Point Settlement/Voting Point where he/she registered or was assigned, in the manner prescribed by the Commission.

It also stated that separate queue shall be created between men and women, where the culture does not allow the mingling of men and women.

It added that Presiding Officers would also create a separate queue for People Living With Disabilities (PWDs).

According Section 10 (b) of the guidelines, “accreditation and voting shall commence at 8.00am and close at 2:00pm, provided that all voters already on the queue by 2:00pm shall be allowed for accreditation and voting.

“(d) The accreditation process shall comprise reading of the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) and authentication of the voter’s fingerprint using the SCR; checking of the Register of Voter.”

Section 11 (v) of the guidelines also requested a voter to remove his/her cell phone or any photographic device before proceeding to voting cubicle.

Also section 11(c) stated that “where a voter’s PVC is read but the name of the voter is not on the Register of Voters, APO II shall refer the voter to the PO or APO (VP) who shall politely request the voter to leave the Polling Unit”.

Section 11(d) also states that: “In the event that the PVC fails to be read by the Smart Card Reader, the APO I shall refer the voter to the PO or APO (VP) who shall politely request the voter to leave the Polling Unit.’’

Subsection (e) added that “where a voter’s PVC is read and the SCR shows the details of another person, rather than the details of the cardholder as printed on the PVC, the APO I shall:

“(i) Refer the voter to APO II to confirm that the details of the voter in the Register of Voters correspond to those on the PVC;

“(ii) APO II if satisfied that the holder of the card is on the Register of Voters, shall record the phone number of the voter in the appropriate box on the Register of Voters; and

“(iii) Proceed with the accreditation of the voter.

“(f) In all cases from 11(b) to 11(e), the Presiding Officer shall fill the appropriate forms in the PU booklet and make a report.

“Affected voters in 11(b) and 11(e) qualify to be issued ballot papers after consultation with Polling Agents.”

falz got simi pregnant see how it happened

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Falz, who real name is Folarin Falana is a Nigerian rapper, actor, and songwriter. Falz has been romantically linked to songstress Simi following their joint EP ‘Chemistry’ which unleashed more speculations.

An Instagram user commented on a photo of the rapper alleging that he got singer Simi pregnant.
Falz, who is currently promoting his new single ‘Well Done Sir, on Snap-chat jokingly or not jokingly said the singer is almost due for deliver.

According to the rapper ..when a social media follower ask him “is true that you got simi pregnant

He reply is true oo she will soon due for delivery ..this rumours happen right before the wedding.

How Alinko Dangote became most successful man ..the end will motivate you

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The story of how Aliko Dangote became Africa’s Richest Man

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian billionaire and the founder of the Dangote Group. Aliko was born on the 10th of April 1957, and according to Forbes Magazine, his net worth of 12.9 billion dollars makes him the richest man in the continent.

Aliko started doing business at 21 years old, in Lagos, the capital city of Nigeria. Even though he describes his journey as being very exciting and pleasant, he encountered a lot of challenges too.

He believes that the reason he could overcome those challenges was because he always dreamed big, and that is the main culture at Dangote Group as well; Dreaming big, and doing big things too.

For you to make it, you really have to think big, you have to dream big, to be able to be big. – Aliko Dangote

On 1989 he started a textile company which actually grew to a company of more than 6000 workers – unfortunately later on he had to close down. In addition to that, he also tried to invest in sectors like banking, manufacturing… Until he settled down and decided to focus only on industries.

When Aliko Dangote started the cement business in 2007, he gave the contract to a company to analyse the soil type. After having the results at hand, all the drawings were made based on the statistics that they only needed 2 meters of foundation – which later they released that the analyses was done wrongly.

They had to stop the construction, change all the drawings and import new raw materials. Unable to borrow enough money from the banks, they started the 400 million dollar project – with most of the invest coming from their personal income.

The Dangote Group had to do 92 km of gas pipe line. Because they had not a water table near, they had to build a dam, they built 480 houses. Aliko says that challenges were coming one by one every day. He says that what kept him in the project was knowing that once the project failed, The Group would be gone. So it forced them to push harder than ever and give their best.”

After going through all the mentioned troubles and hard times, and after having the industry set, operations could not start because of the cost of raw materials. Eventually could overcome this challenge as well, and were able to start producing.

Today, Dangote Cement is the continent’s largest cement producer, with more than 4000 employees, subsidiaries in 15 countries, producing more than 30 million metric tons annually, and with a market capitalizatio of US $20 billion as of 2014.

If you make it to the point of success today what will be your next step…

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If you make it in life today what will be yo

ur next step?..

A very beautiful conversation between a man and the prophet ..

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A person once argued with Ibrahim ibn Adham.He said: There is no such thing as “barakah”, or blessing.Ibrahim ibn Adham responded to him, saying: Do you know dogs and sheep?The man said: YesIbn Adham responded:Which of these animals has larger litters?The man said: A dog can have up to seven puppies, while an ewe can give birth to up to three.Ibn Adham said:If you look around you, which of these two species is larger in number.The man said: I see a lot more sheep.Ibn Adham replied:But aren’t sheep the ones we slaughter and eat, constantly reducing their numbers?The layman said: Yes.Ibn Adham said: That is barakah.The man inquired: But why is that so? (Why would sheep deserve that barakah over dogs?)Ibn Adham responded:Sheep sleep early and wake up before Fajr, so they seize the time of Mercy and barakah descends upon them. As for dogs, they stay up barking all night, then when it’s close to Fajr, they fall asleep. They miss the time of Mercy, so they don’t receive much barakah.—-This discourse makes me wonder, are we depriving ourselves of barakah in our wealth and families with our late nights and not waking up before fajr? May Allah SWT put lots of Barakah in our lives.* Please always wake up before Fajr and pray your sunnah Rakat before obligatory Salah*.As salaam alaykum warahmatullah wabaarakaatuhu!Found it interesting to share.

Check out the celebrity with their number of followers on instagram The one with the highest number will shock you !!!!

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Breaking: ASUU rejects FG’s offers, says strike continues

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Breaking: ASUU rejects FG’s offers, says strike continues:

Davido react to simi and adekunle gold wedding

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WOW!!! See What Davido Said About Simi and Adekunle Gold’s Wedding

Jan 9, 2019 10:30 PM
Davido has just reacted to Simi and Adekunle Gold’s wedding, and the Omo Baba Olowo (OBO) has good wishes for the latest couple.

According to him in his instagram known as davido official with a photo caption
….”God bless this union”oooo …it obvious obo is trying to make his way

too ..

Strike continues until offers are implemented by FG – ASUU declares

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Strike continues until offers are implemented by FG – ASUU declares:

A young nigerian who goes gaga because of teni song

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A young nigerian who goes gaga because of teni song

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If you read this you will stop depending on other person

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Peace be unto you

Remember in life is not about miracle nor magical..
For good thing to happen it takes awful lots of sacrifice ..don’t depend on ur strength, remember God always and ask him to grant u grace in all ur endevours ..because u don’t expect success to come with just working u have to pray .. also focus and be positive..and never stop been opmistic ..and by God grace
one day something good will happen..just have faith.. Happy resumption God bless u.🙏🏻
Sir J

The reason behind dino milaye arrest..

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Right steps and decision

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1 You will never know what you are capable of until you take that first step and go for it.

2 Success is the problem but failure is the formula. You can’t solve the problem without knowing the formula.

3, Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

4 Don’t start your day with the broken pieces of yesterday. Every morning we wake up is the first day of the rest of our life.right steps and decision