Five steps to be happy in life 🤗🤗🤗

Accept your self.

Understand that you are the chief executive officer of your self never try to be someone else because by the time you can’t meet up to their standard you tend to frustrate yourself.

2.Abstrain from Jelousy

No matter what it’s or how you don’t ever get jelous of someone success…you can inspire yourself but don’t be jelous…it against the ethic of our spiritual belief and also make us unhappy.

3.Don’t ever think that someone hate you.

One thing you should understand is that in one way or the other you are better than somebody that’s the irony of life are worthy of those looking up to you get angry when they can’t meet up to your standard, for that don’t be despair be positive do good to them .. because with time they will understand that you are a leader to them.

4.Be your own source of Happiness

One thing you should understand is that if you don’t make yourself happy no one will. The only way is to create happiness within yourself.

5. Don’t force yourself on people that don’t value your existence.

Understand vividly that you a creature of excellent.. you don’t have to please people to accept you as their Ally value your worth be at your best attitude…let your attitude inspire someone..and you all see good people loving you and seeking your attention.

Health benefits of scent leaf


Well if you cook with this leaf keep it up for amazing good for your family.
Scent leaf is a wonderful leaf in Africa that many have less or no knowledge of the amazing health benefits, do u know u can use scent leaf to cure many diseases and infertility problems?

Here are the health benefit of scent leaf!!!

1) scent leaf cure cough: just take some leaf , wash n squeeze out the juice, add hot water and drink or gave ur kid above 2yrs to drink.

2) solves indigestion problems( any form of stomach disorder) just made some juice out it and drink.

3) prevent heart disease and problem for those who smoke, and for any one.

4)lower sugar level

5) relieve pains like menstrual pains , fever, malaria, coughing,respiratory problems, drink scent Leaf tea ,it will make u feel better.

6) for new stroke put more scent leave in mortar pound add little water squeeze and drink once every day and see flow of blood in dead parts.

7) it’s mosquito repellent

8) help with infertility problems, scent leaf will not only improved ur health but will help u become a proud mom, it boost fertility in both male n female reproductive organs , it strength sperm vitality and work well to prevent infertility.

It’s heavy antibiotics, All you need to do make scent leaf often for your husband, use it in cooking and as tea, ( for tea, 3_4 times a week).

Reference natural herb cure .

Latest news FG secure the realise of Zainab Aliyu.

FG Secures Release Of Zainab Aliyu
Channels Television
Updated April 30, 2019
Zainab Aliyu

The Federal Government has secured the release of Zainab Aliyu who was arrested in Saudi Arabia for alleged drug trafficking.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, disclosed this at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday.

He said the government has been able to establish the innocence of Zainab and the second Nigerian involved in the case, Ibrahim Abubakar will be released tomorrow to the Nigerian Mission in Saudi Arabia.

There had been several calls for her release with President Muhammadu Buhari directing the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Mr. Abubakar Malami, to swiftly intervene and secure her immediate release.

Following the President’s directive, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Diaspora Affairs Abike Dabiri-Erewa, assured Nigerians that they were making good progress and she will be back, along with 2 others in the same situation.

Zainab who is a student of Maitama Sule University, Kano, was arrested after a banned drug, tramadol, was found in her bag.

She claimed it was planted in her luggage by unknown persons.

The student had reportedly travelled from Mallam Aminu Kano International Airport in company with her mother, Mrs. Maryam Aliyu, and sister, Hajara Aliyu, but was arrested over allegations that a bag bearing her name tag contained the unlawful substance.

12th National conference

The ongoing 12th national conference taking place in Federal college of education kontangora niger state.

The aim of this conference is to reinforce science Technology engineering and mathematics (stem) education in Nigeria for societal needs. That takes place today been 30th April ,2019.

Guest present are ..the provost of the college in person of professor farouk Umar former provost of c o e minna , also provost of coe Minna representing by the dean of science coe Minna in the person of Alhaji sabo ..and all the academic and non academic staff of the college are present.

Department of computer A B U Zaria winner of national competition

Department of Computer Engineering, ABU Zaria.

Nigerian students, Abdulqadir Babagana Musa, Muhammad Mustafa Maihaja, Fahad Danladi, Shuaibu Abbas Usman, Kamaludeen Umar, Abdulqudus Adebayo Temidayo, all from the Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) Zaria, Kaduna State, emerged winners of the Huawei ICT national competition, which involved a participation of 13, 600 students from 30 universities across Nigeria before proceeding to represent Nigeria at the just-concluded Sub-Saharan regional finals held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Department of Computer Engineering, ABU Zaria.

Nigerian students, Abdulqadir Babagana Musa, Muhammad Mustafa Maihaja, Fahad Danladi, Shuaibu Abbas Usman, Kamaludeen Umar, Abdulqudus Adebayo Temidayo, all from the Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) Zaria, Kaduna State, emerged winners of the Huawei ICT national competition, which involved a participation of 13, 600 students from 30 universities across Nigeria before proceeding to represent Nigeria at the just-concluded Sub-Saharan regional finals held in Johannesburg, South Africa.

You have every reason to be happy in your relationship but how?

Before searching for a life partner you need to be careful because not all that which is shining is gold and not all good things are meant for you some things you see that attracted you most can destroy someone’s life..

Some of us think only beautiful women or handsome men can give happiness …and we also think they are the real life partner this is very wrong..

When seeking a partner.. don’t look for beauty or handsome seek for happiness .

Go for someone who accept you completely.

That person who sees no flaws In you, who give you attention and understand you vividly.

Because beauty don’t last but happiness last forever.🙌

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3: Arya Stark death revealed as Sansa Stark MOURNS?

GAME OF THRONES fans are about to see the bloodthirsty Battle of Winterfell as the Night King attacks the Northern compound. But now new pictures have suggested Sansa Stark will be mourning the death of Arya Stark.

Game of throne

is continuing this weekend with potentially one of the biggest episodes to date as the Battle for Winterfell begins.

It’s sure to be a bloodbath and fans will expect plenty of deaths sweeping through their favourite characters.

However, it seems Sansa Stark (played by Sophie Turner) will find herself grieving by the end of the episode.

In first-look pictures, the eldest remaining Stark can be seen contemplating something while sitting indoors, away from the battlefield.

But look closer, and one can see she has tears in her eyes and is holding a sombre pose.

Obviously, some tragedy has swept through Winterfell, but just who could die that would upset Sansa so much?

Another image shows the flame-haired leader looking decidedly worried while stood next to her little sister, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams).

The youngster would no doubt want to go and fight and she seems to have been training for this battle her entire life.

But how likely would her survival be? She is better with one-on-one combat as opposed to war.

There is another Stark out there who will be risking his life against the Night King (Vladimir Furdik), however.

He said in the previous episode how the dead villain is on the hunt for him.

As a result, the battle strategists decided to use him as bait to lure the Night King towards him.

It’s no doubt a risky move and wiping out Bran would remove all of Westeros’ history from the world as the Three Eyed Raven would be no more.

With such a significance placed on him, surely he wouldn’t be killed off so soon?

In other pictures, it seems Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) and Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster Waldau) will perish together.


Police arrested three for stealing female pants

Deji Lambo and Tunji Bosun

Operatives of the Lagos and Ogun states police commands have arrested three suspects for allegedly stealing female pants.

The police in Lagos arrested two of the suspects – Friday Emmanuel and Obiora Nwabueze – in the Mile 2 area of the state.

The state police spokesperson, DSP Bala Elkana, in a statement on Wednesday, said the suspects were arrested after they had a disagreement over the pants.

He said, “Operatives of the Lagos State Police Command, Satellite division, on Saturday, April 20, 2019, arrested two suspects who gave their names as Friday Emmanuel, 21; and Obiora Nwabueze, 29, at the Mile 2 under bridge while at each other’s throats. Both suspects were arrested after they engaged each other in fisticuffs following the failure of one of the parties to keep to the terms of agreement regarding the stealing of the pants.

Oke said the surety must reside within the court’s jurisdiction and must show evidence of tax payment to the state government.

The case was adjourned till May 3, 2019 for trial.


The true meaning of humanity 👉❣️


This woman in picture with a police man is Helena from USA. She was caught stealing in the supermarket and the police was called to arrest her.

The surprise of all is when the policeman arrived at the scene and asked her what she stole, she said, “Five Eggs To Feed My Hungry Children.”

The police officer took her back to the supermarket and bought her foodstuffs to feed herself and her kids.

Miss Helena started crying and asked the police officer, “Sir this is too much you have done for me..”

The police officer replied, “Sometimes we shouldn’t apply the law but must apply the humanity!”

NYSC denied rumours of 31,800 stipends for the corp members

By Luminous Jannamike

ABUJA – National Youth Service Corps, NYSC, has dismissed as fake news reports making the rounds on social media that serving corps members will be paid N31,800 as monthly stipends following the signing of the new minimum wage into law by President Muhammadu Buhari.

A Deputy Director at the NYSC headquarters Abuja, Eddy Megwa told Vanguard on Wednesday that the federal government is yet to inform the Scheme of any increases in the stipends of serving corps members.

He stressed that though the NYSC does not pay corps members directly, the federal government will inform the Scheme of any increases before a stipend figure different from the current N19,800 is made available to the public.

He said, “The NYSC does not pay corps members any sum of money directly as stipends but the federal government does.

“Until the government is ready to implement the N30,000 minimum wage, we cannot say what corps members will earn for their service to the nation.

“Disregard any figure you find making the rounds on social media. When the federal government is ready, it will inform NYSC and we will announce it to corps members through official channels.”


Why you must not give up your dreams..

Sometimes the negativity of the people around us weigh us down to the extent of giving up from carryout our ambitions.

We should always put at the back of our mind that ..for you to be great in life you must have a story to tell.

All this negativity is a way of testing us so we shouldn’t fall for hear me if you have any dream keep it on don’t give up ..iam sure one day you will hit the button of success.

God bless🙌🙌u

Nnamdi kanu release evidence buhari is not Nigerian.

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has come up with a fresh claim about the true nationality of Muhmmadu Buhari.

Kanu, in his broadcast from the United Kingdom at the weekend, said that neither “dead” Muhammadu Buhari, nor “his replacement” Jibril al Sudani, is qualified to contest for Nigeria’s presidential election.

Nnamdi Kanu argued that being born on Nigerian soil was not enough to qualify one as a Nigerian citizen by birth, unless the parents, grandparents of such person is also born in Nigeria.

The IPOB leader said that Buhari’s father, Hardo Adamu, was a nomadic FULANI trader, a duck seller, from Niger Republic and later became a bodyguard in the Emir of Daura’s palace, which made him to settle in Daura, Katsina State, adding that he (Hardo) was borne in Niger Republic, not Nigeria.

Kanu said that the All Progressives Congress, APC, has opened the door by challenging Atiku’s citizenship by BIRTH, it now lies within the rights of every right-thinking person to also question Buhari’s citizenship by birth, even litigate it in Court.




Africa is better than America..Akon

‘the images they show about Africa are so negative. It’s conditioning what we believe. Africa has a rich story too. More people died in Chicago, more school shootings in America” he said

He further stated in the video that Africans need to start telling their positive stories to their children and stop the spread of negative news about the continent, as the media are always quick to pick this up and spread further to the rest of the civilized world.